Microsoft Store Wikipedia Reuse

Three Portland citizens are accused of stealing $50,000 of electronics from a Portland Microsoft Store. According to KOIN, store officials told investigators the trio simply walked out with laptops and other devices over a 4-month period.

The 300 SW Yamhill store told investigators of the apparent theft, who then watched the store. Police saw one of the accused enter the store and take a laptop on November 29. It’s suspected that another stole items 3 days prior, while the third is believed to have stolen multiple items across the month.

The police have since made three arrests, the first suspect charged with two counts of first-degree theft and computer crime. The second is charged with first-degree theft, and the third a single count of first-degree theft and computer crime.

Not the First Time

The announcement comes as two men in Salem, Boston are accused of stealing from a Microsoft store. The pair apparently went on a stealing spree across multiple stores, including Microsoft, Macy’s, to a total of $41,000.

Technology stores are an obvious choice for thieves due to the expensive devices they contain. Apple stores have suffered several smash and grab instances in the past, but devices are usually tied down.

It’s unclear how the trio in Portland managed to walk out of the store with untethered devices. It’s possible some units were loose, or that Microsoft’s physical security failed in a different area.

A case like this should dissuade shoplifters from attempting the same crime, but it may also paint the stores as easy targets. Investigations into these particular thefts are allegedly ongoing.