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Microsoft’s Emergency Internet Explorer Update is Breaking Lenovo Laptops

Rolled out across Windows 10 versions last week, the Internet Explorer update is preventing some Lenovo laptops from starting.


Jeez, taking a from feels like running a gauntlet these days. From completely broken feature updates, faulty drivers, and poor integration with third-party services, users have faced it all in recent months. Even the fixes Microsoft issues are causing problems. Take for example, last week's Internet Explorer patch.

Last week, Microsoft was forced to send out an emergency update to solve a security issue in Internet Explorer. However, it seems the fix is causing its own problems. Some owners of laptops report the fix is causing their device not to start.

When installing KB44832229, Lenovo laptops with less than 8GB of RAM are failing to start. Why this is happening is unclear as the patch was only supposed to fix Internet Explorer. In other words, there should be nothing in the update that affects the startup process.

Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and says it will roll out a fix soon. In the meantime, the company has published a workaround so Lenovo owners can access their laptops again. Users are advised to enter the UEFI menu and disable Secure Boot.

This workaround could be problematic if the user has to enter their BitLocker for an encrypted drive. Lenovo sometimes places a BitLocker encryption as a default on its drives and users may not have the key.

Clearly, for users not too comfortable with digging around their system, the best bet is to wait for Microsoft to roll out a fix.

Internet Explorer Flaw

In a security notice, Microsoft said the IE vulnerability was discovered by Clement Lecigne from 's Threat Analysis Group. This zero-day problem has resulted in Microsoft rolling out patches across versions.

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