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Microsoft HoloLens Disappears from US Store, Sequel Imminent?

Is Microsoft planning to release the HoloLens 2 soon? The company’s first edition device is no longer available from its store in the United States.


seems to have removed HoloLens Development Edition from the entirely. The device disappeared a few weeks ago and the company is now pointing users towards the HoloLens Commercial Suite.

Microsoft said the Commercial Suite is still available and suggested it is now the only choice:

“The HoloLens Commercial Suite remains available and is a great option for HoloLens industry solutions including the recently released Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Layout business applications.”

While the Commercial Suite has continued to be available since then, it too is now out of stock, at least in the United States. This means at the moment, customers in the US are unable to buy any version of the first HoloLens model.

There are a few possibilities. Microsoft may just be in a process of restocking, although this is unlikely. HoloLens is not a hugely popular product in any market and availability is limited. There is no reason why the company would not be able to keep on top of demand.

The most likely reason why the headset is no longer available is because Microsoft is preparing to launch . We know Microsoft is deep into development of the sequel hardware, and the company has previously promised a 2019 launch. It seems likely current HoloLens inventory is being reduced before a launch.

New Device

Earlier this month, we reported the second edition of HoloLens will have support for Always Connected PCs and be powered by 's 850.

Recently, a Microsoft patent showed the company is improving the optic capabilities of HoloLens. The filing titled “MEMS LASER SCANNER HAVING ENLARGED FOV” points to an improved mirroring and light system to achieve better FOV.

Another patent shows an eye relief mechanism for the device. The patent shows the headset features a mechanism for automatically moving the eyepiece.

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