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Razer to Debut Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse at CES

While mouse and keyboard support has been with Xbox One since last month, Razer will announce the first dedicated peripherals next month.


Earlier this year, we reported was working on brining keyboard and mouse support to the consoles. You may remember those plans were in collaboration with PC peripheral maker Razer. Now Razer is preparing to release the first mouse and keyboard designed specifically for Xbox One.

Microsoft brought mouse and keyboard support in September. Since then users have been able to connect their keyboard and mouse to Xbox One. Razer is attempting to take advantage of the support with the first dedicated set.

The company has confirmed it will debut the peripherals on the first day of CES in Las Vegas on Jan. 8, 2019. While no further information is available, Razer has set up a sign-up for users who want new details when they emerge.

By heading to the website, you can also see what the Razer Xbox One keyboard and mouse look like. They are typical gaming peripherals that look to be good quality. Razer has yet to say how much the keyboard and mouse will cost and we may have to wait until CES for that information.


In a presentation earlier this year, Razer details some of the features it was working on for Xbox One support:

  • Support for up to 5 buttons
  • Support for wheel movement (horizontal and vertical)
  • Ability to query for mouse capabilities
  • Feature to report absolute pointer location
  • Ability to report relative pointer movement
  • Ability to set cursor glyph and visibility
  • New API for polling the above data

PC gamers out there will know having a keyboard and mouse is better in many gameplay environments than a controller. This is shown in first person shooters (FPS) titles, where keyboard and mouse control offer a level of detail (such as movement and aim) that gamepads cannot match.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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