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Microsoft is building a new facility in Phoenix Arizona which will be a new technology center. However, the company is keeping its exact purpose secret for the time being. The new center will be built on a plot of land Microsoft purchased earlier this year.

The plot was acquired for $48 million in August and was previously deemed heavily polluted by the US Air Force. Microsoft snapped up the land after it was declared a Superfund sites because of toxic substances in the soil and water on the site.

Microsoft has now applied to re-zone the land for a “5 building technology center”. The company has not explained what exactly the center will be for, but it will be a significantly sized complex it seems.

Phoenix City Council did not need much time to debate the rezoning application. After 14 minutes, the council approved the land for light rezoning, including:

  • Increasing building height from 50 feet to 60 feet.
  • Increasing how much of the land can have buildings.
  • Building with a metal facade.
  • Using chain-link fencing.

Microsoft’s application was made on behalf of the company by Scottsdale-based attorney Joran Rose. Interestingly, the company’s name was not mentioned once in the application, adding to the air of mystery around the plans.


When pushed for comment, Microsoft simple said “There is no additional information to share at this time,” before adding:

“Microsoft currently operates in Arizona and is continuously exploring new locations to support the growing demand for our products and services.”

It is worth noting that former Microsoft CEO and company founder Bill Gates has recently purchased land for $80 million in the area. The land is thought to be part of Gates’ plans for a utopic smart city, which leverages technology to improve living conditions.

Could Microsoft’s technology center be contributing to the city?