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Lumia 950 failed to perform well

Two years ago, Microsoft all but killed off its first-party mobile ambitions. The company wrote off its ill-fated $7 billion deal for Nokia’s Lumia brand and stopped feature updates for Windows 10 Mobile. However, Redmond’s Windows Phone platform has retained a set of hardcore fans. Now they want the company to resurrect the OS.

To push their cause, some Windows 10 Mobile aficionados have taken to to create a petition:

“I ask you to sign this petition and submit Microsoft that we ask them to continue with Windows 10 Mobile, take the declared it still alive and that we want to start producing new phones with Windows 10 mobile.”

The petition does not seem to be particularly professional, but it does highlight the situation of Windows Phone in a micro sense. That is, there were certainly many people who loved the platform, but simply not enough people bought Windows-based smartphones. For some reason, the petition creator appeals to CNN, but his call has only received 200 supports after 4 days.

It is worth noting that the OS has not been shuttered. Microsoft still supports it through security updates and fixes. However, no new Microsoft devices are being built, while new features are not developed for the platform. With Redmond’s lack of interest, OEM’s followed suit and Win10 Mobile is all but dead.

No Chance

Whether that’s because Android and iOS were too established or because of some sketchy decisions by Microsoft is up for debate. The result of Microsoft stopping new device manufacturing and features for Win10 Mobile ended its first-party ambitions in mobile.

Sure, the company is still a major player in mobile software, but only through its services running on Android and iOS. That’s not to say Microsoft will never return to mobile. Rumors of a Surface Phone refuse to die and CEO Satya Nadella has at least hinted the company still has mobile plans.

Either way, the chances of Microsoft reintroducing Windows 10 Mobile in a meaningful was are zero.