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Microsoft’s Upcoming Xbox Console Is Codenamed Anaconda

A new piece of insider information suggests Microsoft’s new Xbox dev kit is called Anaconda and will replace the Xbox One X.


is known to be working on the follow up for its current . The next generation of console has been codenamed Scarlett. However, it seems Microsoft is also working on a follow-up to the Xbox One X. According to Microsoft watcher Jez Corden, this second device is codenamed Anaconda.

If this is the case, it means Microsoft will continue with having two Xbox consoles. Currently, the company offers the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. The latter is just a year old and is the most powerful console in the world.

Microsoft may want to continue this model, with functioning as a replacement to the Xbox One S and Project Anaconda replacing the Xbox One X.

Of course, the other possibility is that Scarlett and Anaconda are exactly the same. Corden explains how the dev kits codename is changing through development:

“The next-gen Xbox/dev kit is codenamed “Anaconda”, in-keeping with the reptile theme.” Corden wrote. “Currently dev kit is Chuckwalla, previous was Durango.”

As we have reported before, Microsoft is aiming to launch the device in 2020, ahead of Sony's PlayStation 5. A recent job description from the company suggests this timetable is accurate.

Moving with the Times

Before the launch, the landscape of gaming will continue to change dramatically. Gamers are increasingly moving to the game and cloud streaming. Microsoft is certainly working within this evolving landscape with its xCloud gaming service. Debuted earlier this year, is a game streaming service that will debut in 2019 and allows users to play Xbox game across platforms.

There are also reports Microsoft will launch a specific variant of the Xbox One in 2019. The console will reportedly come without a disc drive for gamers who have moved entirely to digital content.

Last Updated on December 27, 2018 6:00 pm CET

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