Microsoft is looking to Apple and its iOS platform for iPhone as an inspiration for an upcoming Windows 10 feature. Twitter user Albacore says the company is looking to Apple’s True Tone feature as something that could work on Windows.

If you are unfamiliar with True Tone, it is a display technology that Apple uses on its devices. Currently used on the iPhone X series, iPad Pro, and 2018 MacBook Pro, True Tone adjusts the white balance of a screen to match the color temperature of the light in the environment.

For example, if you are in direct sunlight or in a darker room, the display will adjust. True Tone essentially does this by tricking the eye into perceiving the display as a paper white. Importantly, the

This is important as the screen is constantly adjusting to ensure the user gets a uniformed experience. For anyone who has attempted to use a tablet for longform reading over a classic e-reader, they will know the difference. True Tone helps to address the balance by making the display more natural without as much eyestrain.

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s plans for a Windows 10 feature that borrows from True Tone have not been announced. Albacore offers no details on the feature or when it is expected to arrive.

No Details

We would guess this is not penciled for Windows 10 19H1, the next feature update for Win10. Microsoft will launch that update in April and is currently testing new features through the Inside. A True Tone-style feature has not been part of any previews.

That said, this is not a feature per say and is instead something Windows 10 will do automatically. It is entirely possible Microsoft will roll it out as part of a Cumulative update.