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Microsoft Launches Clarity to Help Webmasters Make the Most of Their Data

Clarity is a new Microsoft service available in beta, giving webmasters a clearer view of how users interact with their websites.


has today unveiled a new service called Clarity. Available currently in beta, Clarity is an analytics suite that gives webmasters more tools to visualize behavior on their sites. In an announcement today, the company said the service works at scale and allows users to make concise decisions on optimizing their experience.

Clarity allows webmasters to better understand engagement, retention, and conversions and provides a playback feature to see how websites have been used.

Microsoft says the reasons for the service is to promote a user-friendly environment for webmasters. The platform provides tools to gain a deeper understanding of how users interact with their website.

“Traditionally, web developers utilize user research and A/B experimentation to update web experiences. While these have proven to be great techniques – each has its own limitations. Sample users in research studies may not fully represent your target audience. A/B experimentation tell how your metrics are affected by a change but not why.”


The replay feature is a major part of Clarity, giving users the ability to develop a deeper understanding their data. With this tool, it is possible to see which site areas keep users engaged.

“Clarity session replay lets you visualize what users see and their interactions with the web page. Being able to replay users' mouse movements, touch gestures and click events allows you to empathize with users and understand their pain points.”

Bringing Clarity to Bing

One core feature of Clarity is its ability to find malware on Bing. Microsoft describes how its Bing team used Clarity to find cases where users are not getting the optimum search experience. Engineers discovered some pages had ads and others were not offering the usual user experience.

“Thanks to Clarity, Bing's engineers were able see what the user actually saw – which wasn't at all what they expected. To diagnose the cause of the strange content, they used Clarity to determine that the content came from malware installed on the end user's machine, which were hijacking the page and modifying the content.

“As a result, people did not engage with Bing content and page load performance was also impacted. Clarity helped the developers to design and implement changes to defend Bing pages against this malware. Not only did this greatly improve the user experience, it led to a significant improvement in Bing's business metrics.”

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