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There are few who would suggest Satya Nadella is not doing a good job as CEO of Microsoft. At worst, he has led the company into unprecedented growth and at best he has completely saved Microsoft from ruin. Either way, Nadella has been winning since becoming CEO in 2014.

To reflect the success of Satya Nadella in the Microsoft hot-seat, he has won the Comparably award as 2018’s Best CEO. The victory came in the company’s annual Best CEOs award. This yearly prize is decided upon ratings provided by employees.

In other words, asks employees to rate their CEO. It seems Microsoft employees love Nadella enough to have voted him as No.1.

“Microsoft had thousands of employees partake in the study. (Nadella) had incredible scores from his team,” said Jason Nazar, Co-Founder and CEO of Comparably.

“Microsoft was not the darling of the tech space three-plus years ago. Now they’ve been in the news for being the most valuable company in the world. I think the team is really excited about what he’s done to build that business.”

In its report, Comparably said employees praised Nadella for the way he handled internal problems. They say he deals with issues with grace.

Nadella Success

Satya Nadella replaced long-standing Steve Ballmer as the CEO of Microsoft in 2014. Perhaps Ballmer does not get a fair rap, but the truth is under his tenure the company floundered as it sought to break into hardware and mobile. In fact, just months before Nadella stepped up, Ballmer authorized the $7 billion acquisition of Nokia’s Lumia division.

Nadella swiftly wrote off that money and all but killed Microsoft’s first-party mobile ambitions. It was a decision that irks Windows Phone fans to this day, but it is hard to say it was the wrong decision.

Nadella entered and decided Microsoft needed to get back to basics, such as through software experiences. Expanding on Microsoft’s traditions, Nadella introduced a cloud first, mobile first strategy driven by Azure. The strategy has paid off, with Microsoft breaking records in terms of revenue and profit.