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You Can Now Sign up for the Microsoft 365 Insider Program

The Microsoft 365 Insider program is now open to sign-ups, putting Windows and Office news and updates under a single banner. Eventually, the program will also include Intune.


It was only a matter of time before the launch of a Microsoft 365 Insider program. The company has user testing for Windows, Office 365, and Xbox, and it was unlikely this one was going to be any different.

However, it seems the Microsoft 365 Insider program has launched with little to no fanfare. Twitter’s Walking Cat noticed a sign-up page that was yet to be widely promoted by the company. It reads:

“We know that all of you who work in IT want to help us create what’s next and so, we are announcing a new initiative for tech heroes like you. If you’re all in on Windows and Office and are looking to speed up your digital transformation even more, we invite you to join our new Microsoft 365 Insider Program.”

“By signing up for this program, you will be getting all your enterprise news, events and community in one place as well as a clear path into what’s next for collaboration, productivity and security.”

“In the coming months, we’ll be looking to your help to create this program to make you even more successful in your career and help make your business more competitive.”

Naming and Evolution

Following the news, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley got the chance to talk to Windows Insider head Donar Sarkar and ask what’s going on. Sarkar says this is an evolution of the Windows Insider program for business, and that the name isn’t final.

In fact, the name may simplify to just ‘Microsoft Insiders’, despite its initial focus on business. That’s because the program ultimately plans to combine both Windows and Office 365 Insider news into one channel. Later on, it will also include Intune.

Overall, the move should simplify the growing Insider footprint while giving users “more ways to connect.”

You can sign up now via the official page.

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