Last year, Microsoft showcased a new experience as a preview for Office 365 users. Since then, we have been charting the progress of this overhaul as it makes its way through testing and to full launch. Microsoft’s mail web experience is now gaining a new sign in experience for easier access.

Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, says Microsoft is adding “an easier way to sign in to Outlook on the web”. Office 365 users will soon be able to use the new login experience for

“Users with an Office 365 account who use Outlook on the web can now sign in to their work or school accounts through When a user signs in through, Outlook redirects them to their organization’s sign-in page, which is pre-populated with the email address they entered. From there, they just follow their organization’s sign-in process.”

This does not seem to be a preview feature and will come to all users. Koenigsbauer says that roll out will happen in December.

Sure, we would hardly call this a seismic change, but for businesses it could be an important one. Organizations can now swiftly direct users to without having to head to other Microsoft Account login portals.


The new sign in experience is part of the recently overhauled Outlook on the web client. Released fully earlier this year, the new version of arrived with plenty of changes.

Leading the changes was an updated UI for the Mail experience. An important addition was Skype integration, which Microsoft re-introduced the service to in January.

Performance will be quicker, and add-ins can be added to Outlook easier. Users will be able to integrate services like Evernote, PayPal, and more in a more efficient way.