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Office UWP Apps Receive Pen Input Color Radial Tool

Despite saying no new features are coming to Office UWP apps, Microsoft has released an update with a new color picker for pens.


has updated all its Office UWP applications on devices. The company has brought an appealing new feature to apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Specifically, Office UWP apps now sport a radial color picker.

It is worth remembering this update is for Office apps on Windows 10 from the . These are essentially mobile applications that are available on PCs in app form. Microsoft developed the apps as part of its Universal Windows Platform (UWP) initiative. Of course, many Windows 10 users who have Office will be using the full desktop suite.

In terms of Office UWP, users can now choose colors from a Pen Input Color Selector. Taking the guise of a radial tool, access to the feature is through the Drawing ribbon. Once open, colors can be selected for pen input.

As you may expect, the feature is limited to Windows 10 devices that support touchscreen, as this is solely for pen input.

New Priorities

While we like this new feature, it is most welcome for another reason. Back at Ignite 2018, Microsoft said it will not add any new features to the Office UWP applications on Windows 10. The company is slowly moving away from UWP apps and says its focus is now on Android and iOS.

Perhaps some features were already in development. Either way, the color picker radial tool is certainly one of the last new additions to the Office UWP experience. Make the most of this now rare occurrence.

If you want to download Office apps from the Microsoft Store, you can find them here.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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