We usually welcome updates to Microsoft services. However, a recent update the company sent out for Mail and Calendar was not welcomed. Microsoft announced recently its native Windows 10 mailing app will now come with ads.

This was a surprise as Microsoft has largely steered away from filling its apps and services with ads. Mail and Calendar users were unhappy about the change and Redmond faced a backlash.

Microsoft quickly confirmed on Twitter it had turned off the feature. This week, the company says it has not removed the ad code entirely from Mail and Calendar. This means the feature is not even inactive on the app and has been removed entirely. And so ends that experiment.

When Microsoft paused the ads, the company said it was an experiement that was not meant for release. We don’t know what the experiment was, maybe how quickly to piss off users.

The update that removes the ad code is v16005.11029.20081.0 and is rolling out to all Windows users. As usual the update is available from the Mail and Calendar app page on the Microsoft Store.

Windows Ink Support

A more positive recent update for Mail and Calendar has been the integration of Windows Ink in the app.

All the new Windows Ink features are found behind a new Draw ribbon within the app. The following abilities are available:

  • Insert a Drawing Canvas from the ribbon anywhere in your email to add a sketch.
  • Annotate any picture by drawing on or next to it.
  • Use ink effects like galaxy, rainbow, and rose gold colored pens.

While Windows Ink feature work best with pen or touch input, mouse support is also available for Mail and Calendar.