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Microsoft Fixes Outlook 2010 Security Update That Was Causing Crashes

The issue with Microsoft's Outlook 2010 security update has been remedied but problems with two previous patches and Access still remain.


Microsoft has fixed an Outlook 2010 security update that was causing the application to crash. Update KB 4461529 was making it impossible for users to use the program, but Microsoft advised users not to roll back the important remote code execution patches.

Instead, users were left in limbo using Outlook Web Access, but a new update is now available. According to AskWoody, KB4461585 is now available and provides the same fixes without the associated issues.

Microsoft’s support documentation has been updated to reflect this, telling users to download 4461585 if they experience the issue. The update should be available via automatic methods but can be downloaded manually here.

However, it’s worth noting that the update only applies for users of the msi-based version of Office 2010, not Office 365 Home/Click-to-Run editions. It’s also yet to remedy two other buggy updates for Office 2010, KB4461522 and KB2863821.

Users report that after installing the above, other Office programs crash, including Microsoft Access. Instead, the company is telling users to simply uninstall the updates.

Microsoft’s Quality Assurance Woes

The issues come as Microsoft halts the rollout of the Windows 10 October for some users, citing issues with incompatible Intel display drivers.  The update returned after a month-long hiatus after Microsoft paused it due to several issues, including a nasty file deletion bug.

Those who installed the update report audio loss through HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C connected monitors. These users will be unable to install the update until they update their display drivers.

This time, the bug wasn’t directly Microsoft’s fault, though one could argue it should have tested it on that hardware/software combo. Either way, confidence in Windows 10’s stability is at an all-time low, and the fix for this Outlook issue is greatly appreciated.

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