Microsoft Reportedly Taking Lead on Chrome Port for Windows 10 on ARM

Qualcomm and Google are known to be developing a Chrome port for Windows 10 on ARM. Surprisingly, Microsoft is also heavily involved in the project.

Last month, we discussed 's collaboration with to brings a version of to 10 on ARM. At the time, I talked about this as a blow to 's own Edge web browser. However, we were surprised today to hear is actively helping with the integration.

When first announced, Qualcomm senior director of product management Miguel Nunes confirmed work alongside . He said would likely come to 10 on ARM during the second half of 2019.

A new report from 9to5Google suggests Microsoft is actually offering the most contribution towards the Chrome integration.

Indeed, the report says two Microsoft developers have taken the lead on the project and most contributions have been used in the branch. While Chrome on Windows 10 on ARM could cause problems for Edge, it makes sense for Microsoft to embrace .

Building Success

The company wants Windows 10 on ARM to be a success, which will mean providing access to the leading services. Windows 10 on ARM has had mixed results so far, not least because Microsoft's app issues are ever present. While Snapdragon-powered laptops can handle native Windows apps easily, it struggles with third-party solutions.

It seems likely Qualcomm, Microsoft, and Google are working towards a full native ARM64 version of Chrome. Under emulation, the browser runs poorly on Windows 10 on ARM, so a native solution makes sense.

None of the companies involved have said when Chrome will come to Windows 10 on ARM.