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Physical Xbox One Version of Fallout 76 Requires Additional 50 GB Download

Fallout 76's physical disk isn't much help to Xbox One users, with a huge day one patch that requires most of the game to be downloaded.


Fallout 76 has added more fuel to what’s shaping up to be a poor launch. The game’s beta began three weeks from its launch but contained endless bugs and performance issues, with one that deleted the game.

Since then, users have found themselves unable to install the game unless they purchase it. Now, it seems the physical disc for Fallout 76 on Xbox One is essentially pointless.

A screenshot by Reddit user willapod reveals just 247 MB of its 51 GB install comes from the disk. That’s bad news for players hoping to play on the day of release, especially those who chose a physical copy purposefully due to a slow connection. Assumedly, the same will apply to PS4.

Online Only Play

It’s likely Bethesda has had to make many changes since it shipped the disks to retailers, hence the large patch. It’s not an uncommon practice these days for games to ship with large day one patches, but it’s likely to make gamers unhappy.

In some cases, you’re able to install the game offline to circumvent the download. This means the game will install without internet, but unfortunately, the game is online only. That means to play with others, you’ll probably have to download a 40-50 GB day one patch anyway.

More positively, though, those with the physical copy have reported they can play early. Once downloaded, they’re able to hop straight into the game, while those with digital editions will have to wait until midnight.

Meanwhile, PC users don’t seem to have a day one patch, with users able to run it with the files from the final beta test.

As is the norm for Bethesda, reviews for the game are under embargo until the day of the release. In a strange twist, players are able to play the full game before reviews even go live.

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