Microsoft Teams on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms is currently receiving and important update. The attest version of the work collaboration tool introduces Yammer support to Teams on Mobile for the first time.

Yammer is a business social network that gives organizations the ability to connect individuals within a company. Microsoft acquired the company in 2012 for $1.2 billion.

We are surprised Yammer support for Microsoft Teams on mobile is only being added now. The collaborative nature of the tool makes it a dead cert feature. Added to that, Microsoft brought Yammer to Office 365 Groups way back in early 2017.

Either way, Microsoft has addressed the balance. Over on Apple’s iOS, iPhone and iPad users are being update to Microsoft Teams version 1.0.58. Along with Yammer support, the following changes have been made to the app:

  • Use drive mode for safer meetings on the go
  • Join teams via a link
  • Participate in Yammer discussions during live events
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

As for Android users, their Microsoft Teams experience moves to version 1416/ with the following changes:

  • Turn off push notifications for specified times
  • Participate in Yammer discussions during live events
  • Play meeting recordings in the app
  • Schedule personal events
  • View your organization chart

Recent Teams News

Microsoft has been making changes to its Teams service across platforms recently. Last month, the company announced a Confluence Cloud integration for the service.

Perhaps the biggest news for Microsoft Teams recently has been the decision to remove the dedicated Windows 10 S version of the service.