Microsoft is often updating its services, including a recent software update for the Xbox One. The company has returned to its console to introduce a new update for the Xbox One YouTube application. This is the version of Google’s video streaming service for Microsoft’s console.

While the changes to YouTube on Xbox One are hardly revolutionary, there are some welcome design tweaks.

Microsoft has made a change to the new post-video screen. Specifically, there is now a large landing image showing a recommended video once the previous video has finished. Additionally, the splash screen also highlights the title and channel of the recommended video.

YouTube on Xbox One also has a new circular play and pause button, matching a general aesthetic available across YouTube apps on other platforms. Furthermore, icons are now larger and more detailed to help moving through channels easier.

The new update should be rolling out to Xbox One users now, so the update should make its way to your console automatically. According to MSFT, it seems the change has happened behind the scenes.

Spotify Update

Late last month, another of Xbox One’s core entertainment applications received an update. Spotify released a bump for its console application.

While still only an Insider preview, Spotify also put a focus on design. Now the Xbox One app is more in line with the company’s smart TV user interface.

That means the app has replaced square boxes for a more rounded look while bringing in a new background gradient. In general, it’s a lighter offering, which is bad for fans of dark themes but does look notably better.