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Microsoft Edge on iOS Receives Desktop Site Option

Currently in testing, Microsoft Edge users on iPhone can now choose whether to view a website in desktop or mobile.


If you use the Edge beta application on Apple's iOS, you are receiving a new feature this week. Microsoft has rolled out an update that brings tool for users to manually choose between mobile and desktop site versions.

Of course, this is hardly a major feature and most mobile browsers give users the option to use desktop sites. In fact, on Windows 10 Mobile has had the ability for a whole. However, Microsoft had yet to bring it to iOS.

With the implementation now available on beta, it should be coming to and iPad users soon. Firstly, it will have to pass through testing on the beta app.

If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Edge beta, it is Microsoft's browser in a testing environment. For users of the company's TestFlight program, Edge beta delivers upcoming features ahead of their full release.

Typically, when a feature lands in beta, it arrives to the full Edge iOS experience within weeks a few months. In other words, expect the ability to choose between mobile or desktop site to debut soon on the full app.

Edge on iOS

In recent months, Microsoft has been boosting the capabilities of Edge on iOS. Back in September, the company brought the ability to sync with Windows Ink to the browser.

Microsoft has rolled out some interesting features for Edge on iOS this year. Visual Search lets users upload an image to the web to find information. Objects of interest are denoted by Bing, which will detect and mark items in an image. Clicking one of these marked hotspots allows Visual Search to automatically select it.

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