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Microsoft Store Finally Gets Improved Shopping Cart, Wish List to Come

Windows 10 and Xbox users will soon be able to add items to their wishlist, providing an easy way to view discounts on titles they're interested in and share them with friends. Meanwhile, Xbox Insiders can now check out more than one game at a time.


The has seen a number of updates in its time, changing its name and bringing design changes. However, it's actual shopping functionalities have always been very week.

is now addressing this with the rollout of wish lists and an improved shopping cart experience. The new cart is available now for Xbox Insiders, while wish lists will launch later in the week.

As with other retail platforms, the wish list will act as a hub for items you have your eye on. Users will be able to quickly see when items are on sale and share the lists with friends. The list will also sync between platforms, letting you add an item on PC and then buy it on Xbox, for example.

This is upgrade users have been requesting for a long time. In particular, the release of Xbox gifting has seen a lot of users eager for a way to see their friend's interests. As such, you'll be able to keep your list private or set it public.

Combining Digital and Physical

The shopping basket improvements aren't quite as exciting, but they'll be much appreciated. With the recent update, you can buy multiple games at the same time, or combine a digital game with a physical item in the same cart.

If you add an item to your cart but change your mind, there's a new ‘save for later' feature that will add it to a sub-menu. All of these features are standard in most major online retailers at this point, but it's good to see Microsoft finally catching up to the competition.

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