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Microsoft recently said it will send Office 365 business users email messages with tips on how to use apps within the suite. However, the company has now put those plans on the backburner. Originally planned to begin rolling out on November 29, Microsoft has now postponed the plan.

In fact, we think you can count on Microsoft never following through with this. Naturally, Office 365 business users were less than pleased with the idea. No-one likes Spam and consistent Microsoft tips in an inbox would annoy many people.

It certainly annoyed Reddit (I know, what doesn’t), where organization admins voiced their anger that Microsoft would enable the email tips by default. An easy step to disable the emails organization-wide was available, but admins rejected the plan.

Some admins argued the emails would give attackers another way to infiltrate systems by providing them a phishing template.

Hackers could mimic the Microsoft emails to place malware onto machine. This would be relatively simple as organizations would trust the Office 365 tips. Not least, because IT departments train users that Microsoft never contacts them by email.


Microsoft often says it listens to user feedback and action in this instance has been swift. The company posted and update that informs admins it is “pausing the release” of the email tips. As mentioned, this idea will probably go in the trash and never be seen again.

“Based on your feedback, we’re making some updates to the plan for users to receive helpful product training and tips via email,” Microsoft said.

While we have our doubts, Microsoft insist it will introduce this feature eventually. Let us know what you think in the comments below.