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Microsoft Whiteboard Will Soon Have a ‘Blackboard’ Dark Mode

The Microsoft Whiteboard team has confirmed the development of a Blackboard mode, with hints of several other background colors in the works. The addition should help during long sessions and at night.


Whiteboard got its first preview in May 2017, but the full version wasn't made available on desktop until this summer. The app lets users use a pen or mouse to draw or write but crucially allows for collaboration.

However, users soon noticed that while the Whiteboard theme was great for colorful collaboration, it was a little harsh on the eyes. In October, a request for a Blackboard mode gained popularity on UserVoice, and Microsoft has finally confirmed work on the feature.

“More background options, including a dark ‘blackboard' option, coming soon. Stay tuned!,” said Ian Mitkutel, senior product manager, .

It seems that users are actually getting more than they asked for. Instead of just a dark mode, it seems there will be multiple background options. If a light background is important, for example, there could be varying shades of grey or light oranges.

A Growing Feature Set

So far, the app has proven immensely popular, but it has been rated highly by those who do use it. It ties in features from Office apps, such as the ability to draw shapes and have them automatically form into an accurate vector.

Since launch, Microsoft has also added the ability to add images, sticky notes, camera images, Bing images, and paste text. It all comes in a very simple package, with the ability to export as a png file once you're done.

The result is an application that's surprisingly versatile for group projects, yet completely free. Importantly, it's also very fast, with no delay on input and great performance across a variety of systems.

Blackboard mode isn't yet available, but you can grab the current version of Microsoft Whiteboard below in preparation.

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