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Microsoft Showcases Ruggedized Azure Stack

A ruggedized Azure Stack allows organizations take their Azure server solutions anywhere without the need for connectivity.


is promoting the power of its computing device solution. The company says Stack allows customers to move their Azure server with them. Azure Stack provides a ruggedized mobile Azure service that allows the cloud platform to work onsite.

Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud solution launched by Microsoft last July. The cloud platform offers specifically designed for on-premises data centers. Microsoft points out that Stack customers access cloud services using on-premises data centers and hosted environments.

At the time of launch, the company described Stack as continuous innovation:

“As an extension of Azure, Azure Stack will deliver continuous innovation with frequent updates following the initial release. These updates will help us deliver enriched hybrid application use cases, as well as grow the infrastructure footprint of Azure Stack.”

Despite its mobility, Azure Stack brings the functionality of a full server onside. This means the same technologies and features are available as if they were on the cloud. All the while, this can be achieved without the need for a high-speed internet connection.

Ruggedized Azure

To highlight the potency of Azure Stack, Microsoft's published a video showing the service running in a ruggedized one-ton vehicles. This allows an organization to travel anywhere and still achieve full Azure cloud potency.

With full cloud features at their disposal, organizations can implement various tools. In the video, Microsoft shows how the ruggedized suburban can manage devices like cameras, drones, GPS, and others to gather huge data resources. With Stack on board, the customer can process and analyze the data instantly.

Microsoft also points out Azure Stack provides a secure environment as it is a closed server that is not on the cloud.

Organizations interested in the ruggedized Azure Stack system will be able to tackle any environment while hosting a complete Azure resource.

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