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Apple to Launch New Bezel-Less iPad Pro Based on iPhone X

Apple’s hardware event tomorrow will see a new 11-inch iPad Pro without any bezels and with the FaceID technology from the iPhone X.


is hosting a hardware event on Tuesday, and iOS fans will be hoping for something exciting. September's launch of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max were uneventful, simply because this was an S year where the handset gets minor upgrades. That's something fans will sympathize with, but perhaps something seismic is coming tomorrow.

Incremental updates have defined the iPad through its 8-year life. The most significant change was the introducing of the iPad Pro, with its beefy specs and sleek design. However, for the most part, even the Pro did not depart too much from the original iPad.

Apple's dedication to that original design may finally come to an end at tomorrow's event. That's because the company is expected to deliver a drastically different iPad experience. Like the overall tablet market, iPad sales have declines even if the device has continued to top sales. Apple will likely use its hardware event to breath new life into the tablet.

The new iPad Pro will likely see Apple push desktop-grade features in an effort to convince users the iPad is all the computer they will ever need. However, perhaps the biggest change will come directly from Apple's smartphones.

Inspired by iPhone X

Apple is expected to take the bezel-less design it has used on its range. This could mean a large-screen tablet that is all screen, aside from that notch of course. One of the benefits of a bezel-less display is being able to have a large screen with a smaller footprint.

The current iPad Pro is available with a 12.9-inch display or a 9.7-inch version. By cutting the bezel to zero, Apple can have a big screen and still deliver hardware the same size as the 9.7-inch version. With that in mind, the company will cut the previous two versions in half and will launch an 11-inch iPad Pro.

Other features coming from the iPhone X will include FaceID instead of the Home Button, and a gesture-based UI.

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