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Microsoft Brings Enhanced Search Indexer to Windows 10 Preview 18267

The latest Windows 10 19H1 preview release adds a Search Indexer mode that allows searches across all files on Windows.


Windows Insider members are getting a new preview this week. has rolled out Windows 10 Preview Build 18267. This is the latest for the next feature upgrade, which will arrive next spring. On the Inside, the version is operating under the codename 19H1.

So far, previews have been limited in terms of features. This is something that we have seen before. Microsoft keeps new features under wraps for the first month or two through preview. Eventually the new abilities that make up 19H1 will flow, but for now we have to be content with smaller additions.

With that in mind, Windows 10 Preview 18267 is not bursting with features. It does score some interesting abilities, through, including a new search indexer mode. With this mode, users can search all folders and drives and not just documents, images, videos, and desktop.

To turn on the feature, users should head to Searching Windows Settings. In the “Find My Files” sections, choose “Enhanced”. It is worth noting the indexer will work that one time so it will have to be enabled whenever you want to use it.

Microsoft points out the new search indexer needs more time, around 15 minutes, to work as it has so many files to look through. Folders can be excluded from the search manually by adding to the Excluded Folder list.

Other Build 18267 Changes

Microsoft has also listed more changes made to Windows 10 through preview build 18267. Among them is Telex and Number key-based keyboards in Vietnamese and various accessibility improvements:

“Vietnamese Telex and Number key-based keyboards are now available on your PC: Do you write Vietnamese? We want you to have the best possible typing experience, so we're happy to announce that with this build you can now use Vietnamese Telex and Number-key based (VNI) keyboards for typing Vietnamese! Bringing these keyboard options to PC has been one of the top feature requests in the input space, so we're looking forward to you trying it out!

Accessibility Improvements

  • Narrator works better with Chrome now! Using up and down arrows in scan mode, navigating with tab key, continuous reading commands, and navigating by headings and links have initial support for Chrome, with more functionality coming in future flights.
  • Narrator Braille: BRLTTY version 5.6 is now provided which adds USB support for Inceptor and Orbit 20 displays. In addition, the BrailleNote Touch is recognized when using USB. Baum displays can now use B9 and B10 interchangeably. Liblouis binaries and tables have been updated to version 3.7.0.
  • UI framework IAccessible2 Support: The UI Automation framework now supports translating IAccessible2 information from Chrome, which supports IAccessible2 rather than UI Automation. This enables UI Automation clients to receive the IAccessible2 information through the UI Automation client interfaces.”
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