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Microsoft Removes Bing Anonymous URL Tool

Microsoft says the anonymous URL tool for Bing was not providing trustworthy URLs, although the Submit URL tool is still available.


says it has removed support for anonymous URLs on its Bing search service. The company has withdrawn its anonymous URL submission tool; however the Submit URL tool is still available in Bing Webmasters Tools.

Microsoft says it has made Submit URL more efficient with support for and authentication. In a blog post today, the company explained some of the reasons it has decided to remove the anonymous URL submission tool.

Leading the decision was the fact URLs received are not quality enough to be trusted. Additionally, webmasters have told the Bing team they prefer more ownership of their site URLs.

As for URL Submit, Microsoft says the tool is available for webmasters who verify their sites. The tool itself is located in the Configure My Site menu in options. Customers can sign up for Bing Webmasters Tools here.

Changing Webmaster Tools

The removal of anonymous URLs is part of a wider change for webmasters on Bing. Earlier today, we reported on Microsoft's decision to change copyright removal processes on the service.

Webmasters can now see which webpages have been flagged with copyright removal notices. Microsoft's aim is to give customers more information for managing and appealing DCMA requests.

“We heard your feedback and understand that sometimes websites that experience alleged copyright infringement issues have a difficult time gaining visibility into the problem and getting relisted.”

Bing will provide webmasters with more information on how DCMA takedowns impact their website. Additionally, they will be able to address the infringement specifically, whether by removing the content or issuing an appeal.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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