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Windows 10 users are getting a major update for Skype today. Microsoft has rolled out its latest version of the communications app to the Windows Insider Program. With this release, Skype for Windows 10 has moved to version 8.33.76.

Arguably the most important addition is Split View mode, which provides more efficient chats with multiple people. Microsoft says user feedback through Skype preview resulted in the implementation of Split View.

The feature gives users the ability to split their chat windows for each individual and hold multiple conversations. Microsoft has been trying to bring Skype for Windows 10 closer to the Skype classic experience.

Split Mode is available through the three dot menu and show recent combinations when enabled. A new conversation will appear in a new window and each subsequent conversation will get its own windows.

Those windows can also be closed individually to the Task Bar. As mentioned, the update is currently available in the Windows Insider Program. It should reach all users in the next couple of weeks.

More Features

Other new additions in version 8.33.76 include the anticipated read receipt feature. When a message is read, contact heads pop up under the message. This is probably a valuable tool for group meetings as it tells you which of the group have seen the message or not.

Some people don’t necessarily want to read all messages they receive, for numerous reasons. For those users, it is possible to turn of the ability to send off read receipts to contacts.

Skype Money is also available for the Windows 10 application. This brings a PayPal integration to the Windows app.