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GTA Online Cheat Developers Shut Down by Rockstar Games Court Order

Rockstar Games is waging war on GTA Online modders and has targeted the popular Infamous cheat package with a court order in Australia.


Rockstar Games, the developer behind Grand Theft Auto V, and its parent company Take-Two Interactive are continuing to battle cheat developers. The company has received a court order in Australia permitting the search of homes and computers of one of GTA Online most popular cheat creators.

Authorities in Australia has raided the home of the developers of the “Infamous” mod menu of cheats, while assets have been frozen.

Torrent Freak reports five people associated with the Infamous developers had their homes searched. These people create cheats for GTA Online: Christopher Anderson, Cyrus Lesser, Sfinktah, Koroush Anderson, and Koroush Jeddian.

Two locations in Melbourne were the target of the search order. Lawyers were able to access homes and vehicles to search for evidence on computers and storage devices. Authorities in Melbourne confirmed Take-Two and Rockstar were the applicants of the order.

The companies are represented by Bird & Bird law, with representatives from the firm involved in the search. Independent lawyers and an independent computer expert were also on the scene.

Infamous is one of the most popular cheat mod packages for GTA Online. By using it, gamers can basically do anything they want within Grand Theft Auto V. While these mods are immensely fun for users, Rockstar Games has sought to shut them down. It’s an interesting tactic as mods have been a part of GTA for years.

Mod Problem

If anything, mods extend the lifespan of GTA games, allowing users to basically create games within a game. While Take-Two has traditionally taken a no-nonsense policy against mod developers, Rockstar Games has been more lenient. The company has largely allowed free single player mods to remain. The launch of the evolving GTA Online seems to have changed that stance.

In terms of the court order against the developers of Infamous, they can no longer make game cheats. If they do, a prison sentence is likely. PayPal and cryptocurrency accounts have been frozen. The order highlights why Rockstar would want to shut down mod developers.

“You must not remove from Australia or in any way dispose of, deal with or diminish the value of any of your assets in Australia (Australian assets) up to the unencumbered value of AU$286,609.80 (the Relevant Amount),” the order states.

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