Collaboration software Confluence Cloud is now available on Microsoft Teams. Specifically, a Messaging Extension for Confluence is available in the teams channel and on private chats. Microsoft says the integration allows users to have more informative dialogue.

Confluence Cloud is the cloud-based version of Atlassian’s collaboration program. Users of Microsoft Teams on Office 365 can find the Messaging Extension through the app store.

The integration brings several abilities, such as searching through Confluence instance and attaching a page into the informative card.

Microsoft says the following information is available for the card:

  • Confluence Space name with page title
  • Preview of the content
  • Created and Last Updated date
  • Created by and Last modified by contributor names
  • Button to view the page in Confluence

It is worth noting that users with access to the content will be limited to seeing the information on the Confluence website. To do this, click the “View in Confluence” button. However, all team members can see the card if it is located on the Teams channel.

Outlook Support

Microsoft Teams continues to be an evolving experience, and Confluence Cloud is the latest addition.

In September, Microsoft tied Teams more closely to its Outlook email client for iOS and Android. Users on those platform scan now create and join a Teams meeting in Outlook. This means they don’t need to leave the email app to manage a meeting.

Calendar integration in Outlook allows Teams Meetings to be scheduled. Microsoft says the new capabilities will roll out in early 2019.