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Microsoft recently announced a collaboration with Wirehive, a cloud consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom. The company says the partnership will help digital agencies create new solutions for Azure.

By working with Wirehive, Microsoft has the potential for engaging more companies in Azure development. Indeed, there are 25,000 digital agencies in the U.K., so Microsoft will be appealing to those as potential customers.

Discussing the collaboration, Microsoft’s Vice President of U.K. Commercial Partners, Joe Macri, said:

“As part of our partnership, we have already created a go-to-market plan to empower digital agencies with the relevant tools, signing up more than 200 agencies to the Microsoft Partner Programme as a result. It really is great to see these results at such an early stage in our relationship and I look forward to working with [Wirehive Chief Executive Robert Belgrave] and the team on even more exciting projects.”

Agencies will be able to leverage Microsoft Azure services to make work more efficient across their organization. Microsoft’s cloud platform will provide business advice for integrating new technologies and marketing strategies.

Microsoft says Azure can help businesses making a more towards digitization, but without the tools or knowhow to begin.

Transforming Organizations

There is evidence the partnership will be successful. Wirehive announced it has already generated some customers, including The Gym Group. A major supplier of fitness locations in the U.K., the company is using Power BI and Azure in its services.

“The UK is the digital capital of Europe. The country is a leader in technology investment, digital skills, talent and collaboration, and the businesses leading this charge are digital agencies,” said Wirehive Chief Executive Robert Belgrave. “Agencies are dictating the future technology investments of UK businesses in a way never seen before.”