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Windows Core OS Apps Reportedly Hit Microsoft Store for the First Time

The first Windows Core OS apps have hit the Store, signaling that Microsoft is closing on the release of a compatible device. WIth the releases come some new details about how the modular OS will work.


Windows Core OS apps have been submitted to the Windows Store for the first time, according to Aggiornamenti Lumia. The discovery by the Italian site provides some clarity on the modular version of Windows as well as the platform it will release on.

According to the app manifest files, it seems WCOS will install apps that report compatibility to Windows.Core and Windows.Universal. When compiling, devs will have to target specific device families. Currently, those include Windows desktop, Windows mobile, Team (Surface Hub) and Xbox.

Alternatively, devs can specify their app as Windows Universal, which will let it run on all of the above devices. Windows Core will simply join this list, and current apps seem to be exclusive to the OS. ALumia also reports that the Dev Center has been updated so that select developers can load Windows Core apps.

Surface Andromeda Coming Soon?

All of this could mean that the release of Windows Core devices isn't far off. We know the Surface Hub 2X will make use of , but that isn't due until next year.

However, could have another device, such as the Surface Andromeda, planned for before then. Thurrott's Brad Sams allegedly uncovered a roadmap that suggests a 2018 launch, so we may have it in our hands by Christmas.

The rumors so far suggest that Andromeda can run all UWP apps, but apps with specific support will make better use of its dual screens. With previous rumors that it's being turned into a laptop-like device, though, it's hard to know who to believe.

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