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Cybersecurity: 64% of Working Adults Don’t Know What Ransomware Is


is one of the most dangerous aspects of a connected world and companies like are fighting to protect users from attacks. However, a new study shows that the majority of working adults don't know what ransomware is.

Proofpoint's Wombat Security division has published its 2018 User Risk Report, which surveyed 6,000 working adults. The study was conducted in the US, UK, Australia, Italy, France, and Germany. Participants were tested on their knowledge of cyber-security and if they know end-user actions to protect data and systems.

The results show 64 per cent of respondents do not know what ransomware is. Participants were asked about their understanding on phishing, Wi-Fi security, , passwords, and more. Basic understanding of seems to be lacking in the working public. 32 per cent said they did not completely understand what malware is.

In other areas, it was a mixed bag of results. 67 per cent know about phishing and what it is, but only 33 per cent of people use a password manager. Furthermore, 21 per cent admit to using the same password across all their accounts.

Wireless networks are an avenue for attack, but 44 per cent say they have no password protecting their home network. 66 per cent did not change the default password provided by the router.

Windows 10 Ransomware Notifications

Earlier this month, Microsoft started becoming more forward about telling users comes with ransomware protection. It seems the company was right to do so. If so many people simply don't know what ransomware is, perhaps they need Windows to inform them directly.

Microsoft has embedded ransomware protection directly into the platform. It is worth noting that the company did this earlier this year. The feature was a part of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. To ensure users both known it's there and where it is, the company is sending new security notifications.

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