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Firefox Begins Support for Windows 10 Action Center

The latest Nightly build for Firefox 64 introduces support for the Windows 10 Action Center, allowing users to see notifications from web apps.


is adapting to the shifting way in which we use applications. Users are increasingly looking to web integrations to replace traditional desktop apps. We have recently seen the Action Center become part of Chrome. Now, 's Firefox browser is preparing to add Action Center support.

Firefox's Bugzilla reports the integration will be a part of Firefox 64 as a replacement for the pop-up banner.

The benefits of allowing Windows 10 Action Center support in Chrome and Firefox are several. As mentioned, users are moving away from desktop apps and increasingly towards . Being able to receive notifications from those apps is important.

Furthermore, there's no getting away from the fact that Microsoft's own (Windows 10 native) Edge browser is way behind its rivals in terms of market share. Google's Chrome dominates with Firefox in second place.

In other words, Windows 10 people use browsers from other companies so integrating the Action Center is important. It works the other way too, by supporting the Action Center, Google and Mozilla keep users on their browsers.

Windows 10 Action Center on Firefox can be tested in the latest Nightly build here.

Chrome Support

Earlier this year, Google announced its own Action Center support in Chrome. It was a long road on the browser as users had been requesting the feature since back in 2015.

As well as uniting user's notifications in one place, the addition of Action Center support will ensure respect for user's quiet hours. Previously, you would get Chrome notifications even if Windows 10 was in quiet mode, which is a pain when you want peace and quiet.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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