Microsoft announced at Ignite 2018 last week it will stop feature support of its Office Mobile UWP apps for Windows 10. The main reason for the decision is to put focus on Office apps on iOS and Android. As if to emphasize the point, Microsoft also discussed what to expect on those platforms in the near future.

Future updates for Office Mobile apps on iOS and Android will see Microsoft bolster the suite even more. At Ignite, the company referenced the current download count of Office on iOS and Android:

“The Office mobile apps for Windows have not been deprecated. But for mobile, we are currently prioritizing development for the iOS and Android versions of our apps; and on Windows, we are prioritizing Win32 and web versions of our apps.”

The company says Office apps have been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times on Apple’s platform. Over on Google’s Android, Microsoft claims over 100 monthly active users. Due to this clear popularity, Redmond says it will continue to improve the suite over time.

Building Around Mobile Tech

Indeed, this could lead towards the most powerful Office Mobile experience ever. Microsoft wants the mobile apps to align with the desktop suite in terms of features and functionality.

Furthermore, the company wants to leverage smartphone cameras for image-to-data conversions. This would allow a user to snap and image and convert it to data for editing in Office.

While Microsoft was eager to discuss all these implementations at Ignite, the company was quieter on a release schedule. We guess most of the abilities are in the pipeline and should arrive on iOS and Android during the next few months.