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Microsoft Pluton Bolsters Azure Sphere with Secure Boot Environment

Microsoft Pluton adds another layer of protection to Azure Sphere, ensuring IoT device networks remain secure.


is boosting the capabilities of with a new IoT security subsystem secure boot environment. Called Microsoft Pluton, the company is expected to roll out the feature soon. Late last month, Microsoft trademarked the Pluton name ahead of Azure Sphere integration

Users of Sphere now have a secure boot system that protects firmware and hardware. Microsoft Pluton also provides a secure communication link with the Azure back-end. Other capabilities of the subsystem include management of Wi-Fi hardware to protect IoT apps from attack or hijack.

Indeed, Microsoft Pluton and Azure Sphere are a welcome addition. They show companies are finally starting to take security on IoT seriously. Microsoft time tested Pluton in Xbox firmware protection to ensure maximum security.

Azure Sphere answers an important question: in an environment of connected devices, how can security be maintained? Cars, household appliances, locks, toys, consumer electronics, lights, and more all run on microcontrollers (MCUs) and all are becoming increasingly connected.

Unfortunately, this network of IoT devices are wildly insecure, so a solution like Azure Sphere becomes essential. Microsoft launched Sphere in April but the added Microsoft Pluton module will boost security even more.

Helping Organizations Stay Secure in an IoT Environment

Microsoft says customers can ill afford to trust single-line of defense scenarios. Through Sphere, businesses receive robust protection:

“The Azure Sphere approach to security is based on years of Microsoft experience and research. Together, Azure Sphere promotes security with crossover MCUs, our secured OS, and turnkey cloud security service, guarding every Azure Sphere device and delivering end-to-end IoT security that responds to emerging threats—so you don't have to.”

Organizations with interconnected device networks can maintain security across all hardware through Sphere. While it is an Azure solution, Microsoft says Sphere and Pluton are open source and available to anyone.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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