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Microsoft Now Notifies Windows 10 Users About Ransomware Protection

To protect Windows 10 users, Microsoft is sending security notes through Windows Defender to point users towards the platform’s ransomware protection.


is one of the modern cybercrime blights that affects both individuals and organizations. As many of both those userbases run , wants to ensure the platform is protected. With that in mind, the company is re-connecting users with ransomware protection in Windows 10.

Microsoft has embedded ransomware protection directly into the platform. It is worth noting that the company did this earlier this year. The feature was a part of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. To ensure users both known its there and where it is, the company is sending new security notifications.

Essentially, these will advise users to turn on ransomware protection in the Settings app. The notices are for users who may not have known ransomware protection in Windows 10 is even a thing.

Users running will see a security bulletin in the system tray within the Security Center on the taskbar. Ransomware protection works through OneDrive as it allows users to backup their data in the cloud.

To do this, you will need to configure OneDrive to make automatic updates of specific files.

Ransomware Threat

Microsoft has previously discussed the dangers of ransomware. Back in January, Tanmay Ganacharya, Principal Group Manager, Windows Defender Research, discussed the power of Windows 10 in stopping ransomware:

“With all of these security technologies, Microsoft has built the most secure Windows version ever with Windows 10. While the threat landscape will continue to evolve in 2018 and beyond, we don't stop innovating and investing in security solutions that continue to harden Windows 10 against attacks.”

The twice-per-year feature update release cycle reflects our commitment to innovate and to make it easier to disrupt successful attack techniques with new protection features. Upgrading to Windows 10 not only means decreased risk; it also means access to advanced, multi-layered defense against ransomware and other types of modern attacks.”

Despite this, Microsoft is not invulnerable. Indeed, just last week we reported on a new Ransomware attack called Virobot, which is targeting Outlook.

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