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Microsoft’s New Surface Pro 6 Leaks Week Before Live Event

Microsoft will announce a Surface Pro 6 at its press event next week in New York, and here it is in an apparent leak.


is hosting a Surface live event in New York City on Oct. 2. Since announcing the event, there has been speculation regarding what Microsoft will announce. The most likely is an update for the . Just a week out from the event, Microsoft's new Surface Pro 6 has leaked.

Since Microsoft announced its event, I have speculated the obvious candidate for launch is a replacement for the Surface Pro. While we believed it would be the Surface Pro 5, it seems Microsoft is skipping a number and heading to a Surface Pro 6.

That is logical. Last year, the company replaced the with the Surface Pro. Microsoft removed the numbering and with good reason as the current Surface Pro is an incremental update on the Pro 4.

However, the Surface Pro 6 is now arriving next week and is expected to be a larger boost compared to the current device. Vietnamese site tinhte.vn has shown a reported Surface Pro 6 in the wild.

Firstly, take this with a pinch of salt as there is no sure way of knowing this is the real deal. Still, it shows a device that looks like any other recent Surface Pro. In terms of specs, the device in the video comes with an 8th generation Core i5 processors, 128 GB SSD storage, and 8GB of RAM.

Last week, we wrote about Microsoft apparently adopting USB-C for its new Surface devices. Sadly, this leak suggests that is not the case as the Surface Pro 6 is seemingly lacking a USB-C port.

Black Edition

Microsoft is apparently preparing Black Editions of Surface products, which will launch alongside the Surface Pro 6. We will be interested to see if the new Pro device gets the black treatment.

Sadly, the much-anticipated Surface Phone with Andromeda underpinning will not show up. Indeed, as we reported several months ago, Andromeda may be morphing into a different product behind the scenes.

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