At the Ignite 2018 partner conference in Orlando, Microsoft has had plenty to discuss regarding Office. The company announced the general availability of Office 2019 and revealed how Fluent Design will work within Office 365. Also, on the agenda was a roadmap for Office Mobile apps on iOS and Android.

On iOS and Android, Microsoft’s productivity suite is available split up in a series of applications. That means users can download individual Office Apps like Word without having to download others.

Firstly, Microsoft confirmed Office Mobile apps for Windows 10 Mobile are done and dusted. Yes, the company will continue to support through security but will not add new features. Android and iOS are the future of Office on smartphones.

Microsoft says one upcoming feature is called Insert Data from Picture. As the name suggests, the tool will allow users to capture and image of a chart and automatically convert it into an Excel spreadsheet.

On PowerPoint, among the upcoming abilities is the ability to control presentations on Office Mobile. This includes on the spot editing, changes to presentations and more.


As for Microsoft Word, the app is becoming more powerful for users who have content read aloud. Word will receive full media controls and an integration with in-car systems.

@Mentions will be a big part of Office moving forward, allowing users to highlight text and leave a comment to tagged contacts. If you receive a mention, your device will send a notification. At the moment, this feature is limited to just email notifications.