Surface Hub 2 joined displays

Earlier in the year, Microsoft announced the next evolution of its Surface Hub, showcasing a dramatic visual, hardware, and performance upgrade. At its Ignite conference, the company has shared its progress towards its 2019 release, and it’s not all good news.

Though the tech giant is on track for a Q2 2019 release of its hardware, the software will take a little longer. Microsoft is promising 2020 software update for one of its devices, as well as some hardware upgrades.

A version of the Surface Hub Microsoft calls 2S will arrive next year. It features a 50.5-inch 4K display, touchscreen, webcam, and more. However, it will use the fairly outdated software of the original Surface Hub, giving companies a more natural transition.

Modular Upgrades

The Surface Hub 2X will follow in 2020, launching with the new software, hardware upgrades, and a rotatable display. It will also let businesses upgrade further with an attachable proccessor ‘cartridge’.

The idea is to significantly increase the longevity of Microsoft’s expensive devices. Orginizations tend to be slow to replace hardware, so this should ensure fast functioning over many years.

Speaking of price, we’re yet to get any details on the cost of this generation. The previous 55-inch versions of the Surface Hubs were $9,000 apiece, while the 84-inch device was over $20,000.

This time, Microsoft is forgoing bigger models for the ability to join several hubs together. This could work out more cost effective for orginizations, though they may have buy processor upgrades for each eventually.