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Microsoft Search Brings Search Transformation to Microsoft Applications

Microsoft Search is a new solution that integrates with Microsoft 365, allowing users to surface results across an organization and apps.


has announced a revolution of its search experience across applications today. The company unveiled its solution. Using the power of Microsoft Graph, the new search experience will work across all core apps, including Bing, Office, , and Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft says the core focus of the new solution is to integrate into Microsoft 365 and help organizations enhance their search. The feature will bring results to apps from across a business. Indeed, these surfaced search results can be accessed wherever the user is.

The upside of Microsoft Search is it gives organizations the ability to access business-wide data easily and more or less in real time. At launch, Microsoft Search is limited to Office and Bing on the web. Microsoft says it will come to Office applications and Windows 10 during 2019:

“Learning from your everyday work patterns and acting as a brain for your organization, the Microsoft Graph personalizes your experiences everywhere. We're pulling together the power of the Microsoft Graph and AI technology from Bing to deliver future experiences that are more relevant to what you are working on,” the company said.

Upcoming Features

Over the next few months and into next year, Microsoft will add the following abilities to Search:

Over the next few months, you'll experience these first steps:

  • “Search will move to a prominent, consistent place across the apps you work with every day. From Outlook to PowerPoint, Excel to Sway, OneNote to Microsoft Teams, Office.com to SharePoint, the search bar will be in the same place—across desktop, mobile, and web.
  • Personalized results as soon as you click in the search box, such as people you share with the most and documents you were working on recently. No query is required to get suggestions.
  • The search box itself will also command the application where you are working. For example, begin typing “acc” in Word to get list of suggested actions such as Accept Revision or Accessibility Checker. You no longer need to hunt through toolbars to look for a command.
  • Search results will include results from across your organization. For example, within Word, you can find not only other Word documents, but also a presentation you were working on. You can navigate straight to that presentation or you can choose to incorporate slides from that file directly into your document.
  • Extending that same organizational search experience wherever you are working—in Bing.com (when signed in with your Office 365 account), Edge or Windows. Search wherever you want to and get the same experience.
  • Unified administration of your organizational search results, including admin-curated results such as bookmarks.”

For Organizations

While Microsoft Search is a welcome addition for organization, it is less potent for normal users. Sure, the function is available for everyone and will surface content across apps. However, the core abilities of the solution are not particularly useful for regular users.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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