Microsoft has rolled out an update for its Mixer application on Apple’s iOS platform. The game-streaming service is now able to present video playback better. Other new features have been added to the application for iPhone and iPad users.

The release of this update brings Mixer up to Version 3.5.6. Microsoft biggest change is “significant” improvement for video playback. The company says it has also boosted memory and data consumption.

Additionally, Clips on Mixer have received a work over with modification tools and a new delete function. The iOS app now also supports opening universal links, providing more tools to avoid leaving the apps.

Below are the full release notes provided by Microsoft:

  • This update includes significant improvements to video playback, memory and data consumption.
  • Clips: The ability to modify and delete your clips
  • Universal links – links can now open on the mobile app
  • Unfollow prompt to prevent accidental unfollows
  • Brand new first-run experience
  • Bug fixes


Mixer was rebranded from the Beam platform Microsoft acquired in 2016. Beam was rebranded as Mixer last year and added many new features since. The company has often promoted the service as the only true live-streaming game platform. Other similar service has a 10-20 second latency, but Mixer is directly live.

Last month, Microsoft introduced the ability to broadcast everything that happens on their screen through Mixer, specifically for Xbox One. This means when streaming, Xbox One users can show off everything on their interface.

Previously, if a game crashed mid-stream, Mixer would present a screensaver display with two astronauts. Now gamers can choose to show their Xbox One Dashboard.