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Microsoft Updates Minecraft to Solve Nintendo Switch Problems

Version 1.6.1 for Minecraft and Nintendo Switch has solved a problem related to the Phantom monster within the game.


Usually when sends out a update, we are treated to a slew of added items and features. However, the latest release for the game-turned-platform focuses on fixing some known issues. Specifically, Mojang had solved problems on the variant of the game.

Users on 's newest console have had problems with the Phantom flying monster. Additionally, the Switch is now able to clear log in credentials when a sign-in fails.

Microsoft has solved these problems with the release of update 1.6.1 for Minecraft. The full release notes are below:

Changes: Added a button to clear login credentials if a Microsoft Account sign-in fails on Nintendo Switch


  • Phantoms now definitely swoop down and attack people so watch out! (MCPE-36673)
  • Fixed blocks often disappearing after being placed or reappearing after being destroyed (MCPE-31596)
  • Increased performance on iOS devices
  • Several fixes to reduce lag in multiplayer games and Realms

Minecraft on Switch

Microsoft brought Minecraft to Nintendo's hit console in May 2017. The release brought the Nintendo exclusive Super Mario Mash-Up pack to the Switch, which was originally available on the Wii U.

While available on Switch, Minecraft comes with smaller worlds due to the console's hardware limitations. The game comes with a building area of 3072×3072 blocks. By comparison, the building area on Xbox One and PS4 is 5120×5120 blocks.

These days, Minecraft is a cross-platform game. Users can play across Xbox, PC, mobile, and Nintendo's Switch. This means experiences are shared across the platforms, with the only notable omission being Sony's PS4.

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