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Instagram Confirms Tests of Video Tagging, but Won’t Comment on Full Rollout

Instagram has enabled video tagging for a small percentage of its users, introducing a new menu that lists all friends and products. It's not clear when the feature will roll out to others.


has confirmed tests of video tagging with a small percentage of its users. According to TechCrunch, the feature works much the same as photos, appearing under the share menu.

However, rather than overlaying names on the content, tagged users appear in a separate list. Assumedly, this is due to the difficulting of tracking names to faces in videos. Users have seen the ‘view tagged people' option on a number of videos, available in the bottom left corner.

Currently, tagged videos don't display in user's profile like photos do, but this could be to do with the infancy of the feature. It's also limited to mobile versions of the app.

A Long Time Coming

Instagram users have been asking for the ability to put tags on their videos from the moment they were able to upload them. However, their voices were largely unheard as the company worked on Snapchat-like additions. Instead, they have to mention users in the comments, clogging them up.

Since then, the company has released its Instagram TV service. Available as a standalone and within the regular app, it looks to take on . The main quirk that it supports portrait video only, which is great on mobile but terrible on the web.

Beyond friends, this feature could be used to name products and locations, in brand deals or otherwise. Unfortunately, the service is keeping its cards close to its chest, stating that it's “always testing ways to improve the experience,” and refusing to provide a general release window.

It's possible that the feature will never make it into the main app, but its polish and high demand make that seem unlikely. Currently, its available only to the users Instagram decides to opt-in, but a more open test may surface soon.

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