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Samsung Working on Quadruple Camera for Next Galaxy Flagship

Samsung is going one better by placing a fourth camera into its next Galaxy flagship. Will this be the Galaxy S 10 or another device?


Over recent years, we have seen smartphone cameras become a key battleground for manufacturers. While the truth is most flagship snappers are excellent, companies are constantly looking for an edge. From depth-sensing lenses to dual-cameras, has often been a leader in smartphone photography.

Now, the South Korean giant seemingly wants to include all the cameras on an upcoming device. According to reports, Samsung is working on a quadruple lens setup for its next flagship device.

Of course, the company has just launched the Galaxy Note 9, its latest flagship device. However, Samsung is a rare company that launches two flagship handsets each year. The Galaxy S series is released in the first months of the year, and the Note series comes in late summer.

That means the next Samsung flagship is just six months away and will be the Galaxy S10. Expected at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) next February, the device will apparently be sporting a triple camera system.

Possible Devices

Aiming to stay one step ahead, Samsung is also rumoured to be working on a device with a quadruple camera. A leak from Ice Universe on Twitter but does not offer details on what the handset will be. There are three theories for what Galaxy device the four-camera setup will appear on:

Galaxy S10: Samsung is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its core handset. Recent S-series devices have been similar, using the elegant curved screen design debuted with the Galaxy S6. Samsung will likely look to radically change the design with the 10th version. A quadruple camera would be a standout feature to appeal to users. Perhaps earlier rumors of a triple camera system may have been wrong.

Galaxy Note 10: While the Galaxy Note 9 launched just last month, Samsung is undoubtedly already working on the next iteration. Perhaps the 10th version of the productivity-focused flagship will get the benefit of a quadruple camera system.

Unknown Galaxy device: The other option is a brand-new Samsung Galaxy product. While this may seem likely, we are unconvinced Samsung would build a new camera system into a handset that is not a flagship.

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