Microsoft Updating Windows Photos App with New Interface

A new Windows Photos experience is coming, putting features and settings at the forefront of the experience to make it smoother for users.

Image: Windows Observer

's application could be getting an important in the near feature. The company is currently developing a new user interface for the app. When ready, the release will provide users with a new user experience.

will receive a more efficient organizational system and an improved editing system. 's goal is to make the app faster and easier to use. Placing options and actions more front and center will give users to more controls.

A report from Windows Observer shows how the app now looks cleaner and is lighter on the system. Microsoft has added a new ability that lets users place animated texts on top of images.

So, some new editing tools have been added, and editing is now more easily accessed, but the truth is Windows Photos is not a true editor. Sure, it has some basic tools to tweak your images, but it won't replace your Photoshop anytime soon.

At the moment, Microsoft is offering the as an A/B test, so it is not available to all .

Recent Changes to Windows Photos

Microsoft has offered some interesting updates to Windows Photos this year. In April, the company announced the ability to tag friends and family.

Before that, Photos got integration with Windows Timeline and Paint 3D. Timeline presents a view of the photos within the app that allows users to easily scroll through images. The new feature will allow users to see photos in reverse chronological order.

With Paint 3D, users can add 3D effects to images and edit them within the app. Currently it is possible to share images to Paint, so this new process should be more intuitive.