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Visual Studio for Mac Version 7.6 Brings Code Editor and Azure Functions Improvements

Microsoft’s focus for Visual Studio for Mac version 7.6 was on improvements and efficiency, focusing on the code editor, IDE’s, and Azure Functions.


has announced the availability of for Mac version 7.6. The company says the core goals for the new release are to improve reliability across the platform. Specifically, Microsoft placed focus on improving the code editing on VS for Mac.

Included in Visual Studio for Mac version 7.6 are fixes to the IDE experience. Azure functions support has been extended with new templated and the ability to publish in Azure directly from the IDE. Users can grab the changes by downloading the new release or updating your existing install.

As mentioned, improvements to the code editor are the focus of this release. Microsoft says many of the changes came from customer feedback. Visual Studio for Mac version 7.6 comes with the following fixes to improve the experience:

  • We fixed an issue where Quick Fix menu items don't display if source analysis is disabled.
  • We also addressed a widely reported issue where tooltips wouldn't disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where IntelliSense seems to fail, resulting in red “squiggles” continuing to hang around in the editor even though there were no errors.
  • We improved IntelliSense for F# developers. There was an issue where you could not use “.” for autocompletion, but we've fixed this and various other F# IntelliSense issues.
  • We made improvements to JavaScript syntax highlighting.

Microsoft also wanted to improve the IDE. Performance problems in the editor were a leading complaint from users. With that in mind, the tag-based classification for C# with PR #4740 has been improved. Microsoft reused the existing VS for Windows code for the Mac version.

Additionally, Visual Studio on Mac now supports no-op restore for NuGet packages. Microsoft has also made several other unnamed improvements.

Increased Azure Functions Support

Microsoft has boosted the capabilities of Azure Functions within Visual Studio for Mac. Functions allow developers to get their solutions started more quickly. Version 7.6 brings new templates for Azure Functions projects.

“These new templates allow you to configure access rights, connection strings, and any other binding properties that are required to configure the function. For information on selecting a template, refer to the Available function templates guide.”

Last Updated on October 10, 2023 3:45 pm CEST

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