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Mixer Users Can Now Broadcast Everything on Xbox One

A new Xbox One preview allows Mixer users to broadcast everything that is happening on their screen, including the Xbox dashboard.


A new Xbox Insider Program preview announced yesterday was dominated by a Shopping Cart in the Store. However, the update also had some other features. Among them was a new ability that should appeal to game streamers or content sharers.

Microsoft says users of its Mixer game streaming platform can now broadcast their entire dashboard. This means when streaming, users can show off everything on their interface.

Brad Rossetti and Randy Santossio of the Xbox team announced the ability on Xbox Wire:

“With the latest update, Xbox users will be able to broadcast not just gameplay but the entire Xbox One console experience to Mixer. Users can turn on this setting in the broadcasting tab in Guide.”

This is a welcome addition for game streamers, especially if they don't mind sharing everything. Previously, if a game crashed mid-stream, Mixer would present a screensaver display with two astronauts. Now gamers can choose to show their Xbox One Dashboard.


Microsoft has made this preview available to Skip Ahead and Alpha ring users. It is worth noting that the ability is turned off by default. Users are urged to remember if this setting is available everything that they see will also be broadcast to their audience.

With that in mind, Microsoft cautions Mixer users to be careful with personal information, such as passwords and financial details. The company says how users can avoid silly mistakes:

  • To keep your email from showing on Home, go to Settings and choose Account > Sign-in, security & passkey, and uncheck Show on Home.
  • To hide notifications, go to Preferences > Notifications and uncheck Notification banners on.
SourceXbox Wire
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