Over the last two weeks, Microsoft has been rolling out its Your Phone service. Firstly the feature arrived on Android before reaching preview for Windows Insiders. Today, the company has launched the Your Phone application across Windows 10 for general users.

This is an interesting situation because Microsoft is currently stabilizing Windows 10 Redstone 5 ahead of its October release. We presumed the company would reserve Your Phone for what’s to become the October 2018 Update.

Instead, the company has rolled out for users running the current Windows 10 1803 build (April 2018 Update). However, Microsoft did not officially announce this release.

Your Phone gives users the ability to mirror what appears on a smartphone screen to their PC. The feature set so far includes the ability to drag and drop photos into Office applications and other Microsoft Windows 10 apps directly from a phone.


Microsoft says it will expand the available features of Your Phone in the coming months. For example, the ability to sync more phone functions to a PC, such as general notifications and text messages.

We will also be interested to see the phone calling and receiving capabilities that will be implemented eventually. If the app ever comes to iPhone, it will likely be in a limited capacity. That’s because Apple’s iOS platform is a closed ecosystem.

At Build, Microsoft explained that information sent from Your Phone to a PC will not rely on the cloud. Users initially worried about how data would be protected during syncing. Still, the company did not explain the exact details on how it will handle the information away from its servers.