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LinkedIn Post Officially Confirms Details of Microsoft’s Upcoming Windows Core OS

A LinkedIn job posting confirms the name and a number of other details about Microsoft's upcoming Windows Core OS. The platform will be modular and a big step towards the unification of Windows across multiple device categories.


Rumors about a new Windows OS have been floating around for a while, even following the release of Windows 10 S. Known as (WCOS), its official details have been sparse, but a LinkedIn job posting confirms some rumors.

As suspected, Windows Core OS will be shared across all new devices. According to , its software engineering manager will work on modernizing the Windows driver ecosystem and creating new products with Core OS.

“Do you love working on devices? Do you dream of integrating new software experiences with new hardware? If so the Device Platform team may be for you”, reads the post. “The SiGMa Device Platform (DPlat) team owns the definition and delivery of Windows Core OS (WCOS), which is the OS shared across all new devices. DPlat also delivers the modern driver platform, including the tools to create & validate drivers along with driver flighting & services system for all versions of Windows. Finally, DPlat owns ensuring that Windows is a viable platform for key silicon partners, and for OEMs by doing hardware co-engineering during the development of new (e.g. WCOS) to ensure that version of Windows is ready for the ecosystem when it releases.”

A Modular Future

According to multiple sources, Windows Core OS will be a modular platform that will mesh well with emerging device categories. One of those is allegedly Andromeda, Microsoft's rumored foldable that will have two distinct screen regions.

The posting also reveals some information about where WCOS fits into the company's internal structure. It will come under the banner of the device platform team, specifically its OneCore arm, which also works on GameCore and the Windows Compositional Database.

However, Core OS is also being looked at by the Differentiated Devices Co-engineering team. This arm is working on enabling “new¬†device form factors and emerging versions of Windows (OneCore, WCOS, etc.)”.

There isn't a high degree of new information here, but it does give official confirmation of many of the reported details. It's likely WCOS will remain under wraps until at least next year when Microsoft is ready to release first-party devices.

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